Private House in Valdinievole






Private House in Valdinievole
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  • Type: Private Homes
  • Customer: Private
  • Location: Valdinievole
  • Project Management A3 System: Andrea Campinoti
  • Delivery: 2013

This private home is near Montecatini Terme, at the top floor of a classy building; the apartment itself has two floors elegant and stylish, divided in two sections one for the owners and one for the servants.

The classic and well kept environment hosts modern technology that has the duty to enhance the aristocratic choices of the customer and to look after them in terms of security.

As you cross the main entrance a lighting scenery awakes with gradual lighting up systems that reveal this fascinating entrance hall; the huge chandelier rules over everything in an architectural environment so well designed as the warm lights, never blinding, that follow the beautiful staircase in white marble that leads to the upper floor. The idea is that the house with its technology is able to welcome you and to make you feel at home.

As for the architectural choices the technology used has not be left to chance.

The classy wall Keypads gold plated, with illuminated silkscreen printed keys lead you to the scenario choosing: relax, soft, dynamic, full… Every atmosphere chosen will picture the mood of the person for each moment of the day, whether you have guests or not.

As you discover the environments you cannot avoid feeling the simple system management of the technology involved, a perfect integration with architecture and day life, and although we have developed it from the beginning, even to us this house always looks different, it is more difficult to explain than to live it.