Values and philosophy





Environment means identity.

The environment describes the individual in its dynamic. The house automation space is an opportunity of changes to communicate creativity and personality. Identity imprints the place and transforms it under its vision of time, of perception and perspective.

  • Principle of simplicity: if simplicity hides behind complexity it is not trivia. This is the corner stone of integration philosophy. Creating integrated systems means more that making a multifunctional system, it’s a principle that improves daily life. Integrating means to bond different features, make them compatible to create extraordinary effects. This needs to be controlled by a simple device able to rule exciting, advanced and efficient effects.

  • Aesthetic principle: enhance beauty and emotions that beauty creates to transform spaces in unique scenarios. An automation system for commercial or company use, or a house automation by A3 System assures a special attention to design, materials, style and details – quiet details, undetectable. An integrated system is hidden in a scenario that communicates, it has to express identity, touch and evoke: it’s art.

  • Utopian principle: giving a form to dreams and finding a real solution to satisfy customer’s needs. We are not replicating what has already been seen, but we make happen what has never been done before. There are no limits to technique. What doesn’t exist we can create it. If it seems impossible we’ll make it possible.

  • Uniqueness principle: every person is unique, as the environment that expresses this entity. For this house automation and automation systems must be unique, designed, developed and tailored on the customer’s desires and the characteristics of the space.