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dreaming with eyes open

Picture ha reality’s strength even though its made of the same stuff which dreams are made on. A perfect bond between system performance and aesthetic harmony. The home theatre system integrated has received an input, a single gesture. The house automation system reacts immediately. The screen appears, the curtains close and the lights fade down to idle. A home cinema for real. The observer is captured by the brightness, colours, different spotlights and the perfect balanced perspective, from where, relaxed in the armchair, one can assist to the show. The highly performing system is perfectly integrated in the environment, the aesthetics of the space is conceived to sustain the strength of the place. A unique experience thanks also to special video distribution systems in high resolution that permit the streaming of FULL HD and 4K video signals – from various sources such as BLU RAY, SERVER VIDEO MULTIMEDIA, PAY TV - from a hidden centralized station to the home cinema and also in every room where a TV is placed. From a simple graphic interface on a Tablet or Smartphone you can choose your favourite source moving then in the room where you wish to stay.



All this in your home but also in your company. A screen after a meeting disappears into the ceiling as the personal monitors on the meeting table vanish into it, absorbing all the vertical elements through special devices, to release the desk’s horizontal working features.
Integrated video systems can go further than the home theatre, they can be part of a house automation system designed to the customer’s desires. The limit is daring.