Restaurant Torcicoda






Restaurant Torcicoda
Clima   Umidità   Video Sorveglianza   Luci   VMC   Integrazione   Sicurezza   Audio   Reti lan / wi-fi lan e networking avanzato   Wi-Fi  
  • Type: Restaurant / Pizzeria
  • Customer: Cucina Torcicoda
  • Location: Piazza Santa Croce (Firenze)
  • Project Management A3 System: Gabriele Galgani
  • Electric Designer Ethri Engineering: Pi. Fabrizio Bartali
  • Executive Manager: A3 System – Gabriele Galgani
  • Delivery: 2013

ON / OFF : in this curious project these are the only two buttons that manage all the systems of a restaurant, a pizzeria, a tavern, a cellar, a private area, a wine tasting zone, a chocolate shop, an ice cream shop and a storage area for almost 1.200 Square Meters facing one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, Piazza Santa Croce, yes we like to point it out one again, two buttons: ON and OFF!

We were involved in the refurbishing works with this specific request by the Architect: “Do not use home automation systems”. 

Those words may have sounded terrific for many but we knew immediately what to do for this environment.

We planned for all the zones a system that manages the lights in every zone with the appropriate amount of lighting dimming every single light.

The system as the night approaches changes the areas with softer and relaxing scenarios to better welcome the customers as background music accompanies the dining.

With the same buttons ON / OFF we have programmed not only the lighting system but also the music management with programmed preset on desired volumes and playlists. We have also linked the temperatures of each zone for the required comfort. Still with these two buttons we manage the video surveillance monitors for the kitchens to control the dining halls.

Resuming, when you press the ON button the environment starts living, lights go on with programmed scenarios, the heating and air conditioning system start working, all amplifiers and speakers start playing music at the desired volume with the chosen music and the video surveillance system starts monitoring the place.

To turn all this off well you need the effort to press the OFF button.

We obviously provided the owners with a touch panel with customised graphics to edit the features of every system.