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Origin of the cosmo

Sound is the source of everything, Cosmo was born as a sound, vibration. Beauty is in music its ethereal form, elusive and captivating. Imagine and creating solutions for sound distribution in an environment is fulfilling. Audio can stand alone, independent in its perfection, or it can be the emotional core of an integration project of a house automation system.
With imagination it is possible to see more than an audio system.
A movement sensor detects somebody passing by and the environment hosts the guest with elegant and involving music. A gesture activates a multi-room audio, hi fidelity stereo system delivers music in all the rooms of the house or the commercial environment. From the central archive the track is selected. A command is touched, the type of music changes and in every room now a different playlist is on air. The audio system in the house is wireless: on the web with your smartphone or tablet it is possible to send on streaming your favourite music in the part of the house you desire. There are no limits but your imagination.