Lights control






Light is life

The atmosphere, the emotion the way we perceive spaces depends on forms that light enhances. For light design, light control in house automation creates changeable effects and atmospheres, perfectly adapted to moments of day or life. The objective is to help creating comfort, wellness and to improve quality of life. All this following the customer’s desires, sensibility and imagination.

The lighting control system HomeWorks Interactive by Lutron, a brand leader in the business, changes the way to perceive and manage the light. It is a light control system designed for residential use. The system manages all the lights, communicates and interacts with all the other systems of the house, creating the best environment for each desire. With a simple touch, the spaces can be changed creating the most suitable atmosphere and warmth.
Interaction between lights toggling, visual effects on the ornaments and dark zones create a scenario tailored just for you. A dynamic house, never the same, always welcoming and exclusive just like your lifestyle.



Using light control as part of a broader integration of house automation systems we can obtain incredible and unique effects. Breathtaking experiences: pressing a single button your favourite CD starts playing, the curtains close, lights are at the desired intensity, the screen comes to life and audio – video systems activate. But it’s not only this. The system remains working even when you are not at home. A simple button and the system looks after your house. At the desired time light control will illuminate the outside and will create the correct atmosphere for the inside. Lights will turn on and greet your return to turn off as you pass.

Light control when speaking of house automation means to integrate lighting system in a house system that responds to your needs with simplicity, fulfilling your desires and life style. Every system event can be made “conditional”. A single button of a keypad can create several effects such as a special lighting scenario and a different music for different moments of the day. The system can recreate your daily routine even when you are not home, to disguise your absence. Simply touch a button before you leave or let the system be activated by a phone call, wherever you are. The core of house automation is that there are no limits but your imagination.