Lights control

Commercial and industrial





efficency and control

For commercial and industrial use, light control besides offering many advantages speaking of time spent managing the lighting system, has also a significant meaning in terms of energy saving since it optimizes the energy efficiency of the system. A superstore, an industrial building, an exhibition centre… all structures with so many lighting devices and environments. Thanks to light control it is possible to manage everything with ease and saving.

For commercial use, light control paired with lighting design effects and sceneries can be created exalting the space, focusing attention, creating happenings or relaxing atmospheres.


Quantum ® is a centralized light control system which allows to use electricity and natural light to obtain the best energy efficiency, comfort and productivity. This system provides an easy editing, monitoring, analysis and reporting of lighting through a single console. It is a modular system it can be used to control a single zone or to manage many levels or an entire building. The systems helps diminishing the costs and to save energy during peak hours, when the fees are higher. All lights can be configured without going through the wiring procedures a second time.

The result obtained from a lighting control system, commercial or industrial, is not only aesthetic or functional. Speaking in terms of integration, connecting the system to others (security, heating or aeration) better results can be obtained in energy saving and environment protection – saving power means reducing greenhouse effect and an improvement in productivity. Comfort creates a productive working environment for the occupants, thanks to attention to specific needs, with a lighting system capable to supply a balanced level between artificial and natural light.