Lucas Real Estate Spa






Lucas Real Estate Spa
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  • Type: Commercial
  • Location: Monsummano Terme (Pistoia)
  • Project Management A3 System: Andrea Campinoti
  • Delivery: 2013

In the heart of Valdinievole is this aristocratic building, elegant and precious, main office and headquarters of an important Real Estate and other offices part of the same group.

A project where attention to aesthetics and energy saving bonded together to give life to a unique and pioneering work for commercial purposes.

The main character of this project, one of the first ever done in Italy, is home automation technology system of lighting control, one of the most evolved and complex systems in the world: QUANTUM by Lutron.

Lutron, a brand leader in United States and in the World for lighting managing and control, was born in 1961 with the revolutionary invention of the first solid state dimmer; today it is a brand with a worldwide presence, a landmark for the best light designers in the world and operating the lighting system of important buildings such as The New York Times, The Empire State Building, Saint Pauls Cathedral in London, Emporio Armani all over the world, the American Embassy in Japan, the National Theatre in London, the Ministry of Defence in Berlin, The White House in Washington, The Alexandrian Library in Egypt, The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and so on.

The system allows to automatically control the amount of natural light inside the offices and to manage the system in relation to the presence of people, using special presence and lighting sensors managed by two processors integrated each other that manage the systems.

The system is also able to manage programmed scenarios in the shared areas (entrance hall, stairs, corridors, etc…), which can activate in “fade” mode with gradual timing as people pass by leading them ideally by hand to the destination office.

All the variations are always gradual, impossible to be seen by human eyes as for the lighting up of the environments, when a presence is detected, is always gradual and never shocking.

Besides the fully automatic control of the system there is a range of scenarios manually selectable through the classy wall Keypads (aristocratic and “clean” alternative to traditional switches), which link lighting up to specific activities of the executive and representative offices; for example in the meeting room a specific lighting scenario can be chosen if a video has to be seen or to create a relaxing atmosphere while listening to music just before an important meeting. The wall Keypads allow you to never forget the selected “scenario” thanks to the illuminated silkscreen printed keys that glow in the dark.

Finally the lights on the outside: the system is able to tell the season of the year and more specifically when the sun rises or sets in order to manage the use and the amount of light to create an appropriate lighting situation, never the same one, never boring and always effective.

Second main character (but not less important) of this reliable and modern project is Safety.

The entrance to the different areas is managed by finger print scanners that in Key-Less mode allow the access to specific people. The history log can register every access and disable the alarms in a specific area and combine hours to every action.

Along with the anti-intruding and access control a high resolution video surveillance system carefully placed in the shared areas is able to supply a complete monitoring service to all the in charged personnel, using Live and Playback (= archives) features on the desired PCs and from remote through smartphones and tablets.

The integration of these two main characters is incredibly effective: the access and presence control systems and the lighting system work together to supply the occupants and the owners with a simple and automatic management of functions that with a traditional system implied many operations that had to be done on a daily basis.