Integration issues on working site





Beyond the issues

During house automation planning, integration issues may occur on a working site already running. Designers and technicians can find themselves facing problems that seem impossible to solve. Often it ends avoiding the problem delivering partially not compatible systems or scarcely efficient. A3 System has been requested in the past to solve such planning and integration issues to find a solution. Our expertise helped to overrun the problems delivering special systems and efficient integrations where it seemed impossible.

On the working site there can be many types of structural or devices’ incompatibility of the systems. Starting from the electrical network, the special systems or between electric and heating systems. There are also procedures incompatibilities as the presence of different suppliers for the components. Heating system, plumbing system, electrical system, audio and video systems, safety system: each one operates for itself and no one thinks of integration between all the systems.



A3 System is able to solve such issues integrating structures, methods and professionals.

Giving to A3 System the duty to survey on the integration of all the systems you are guaranteed by the presence on the working site of individuals specialized on solving integration issues and all the above stated incompatibilities.