Integration is A3 System's deepest passion.

In house automation are combined aesthetics and efficiency which meet to create a complex system, but easy to use.
Among this field, elegance, creativity, taste and technical expertise are developed along with inventiveness and the strict consistency between different hardware and software, between mechanical, electrical components and architectural elements. Everything is possible if able to integrate.


House automation systems. A single touch and a wall disappears revealing a new volume as the lights change and the temperature starts to warm the environment while appropriate music is playing the curtains are closing and the room becomes ready for a different use. Volumes that change, environments that react to human interaction. Artificial intelligence. This is not dreaming, it’s possible, linking different devices and systems together, offering a unique control interface, simple and intuitive. Imagination is the only limit.



For a technical point of view house automation is the science of integration used to make different elements compatible (lights, audio, video, heating, safety, etc…) to create automation and environment changing. Automation is optimization through an advanced supervision and control system, which permits full integration of every system in function.

It can be applied for personal use – an automation home – or for business purposes – an office, a meeting room featuring audio-video systems – or to solve and optimize the performance of a commercial or industrial environment – controlling safety systems, energy saving and systems controlling performance of an industrial plant.

Integration starts from the planning moment or can be introduced while making the systems or at the very end of the project. Experience and professionalism is required because not only a full knowledge of all the systems is important but also – and above all – the ability to invent the most intelligent, elegant solutions in every condition and to deliver a single control interface, simple and intuitive. A unique gesture for many effects.