Video surveillance





the difference is made by details

Video surveillance is nowadays the most common alarm system used since it allows to prevent crimes by recording events and supplying evidences. Knowing that a system of video surveillance cameras are monitoring continuously our properties is assuring. A3 System is able to create a surveillance grid and report every event in real time. The data are transferred on a centralized server in an archive and on your Pc, Notebook, telephone or to third parties.

Speaking of integration with other systems the cameras network can be linked and integrated with a control system managed by a unique interface from which it’s possible to interact with many features.

The team of specialized technicians of A3 System designs, integrates and delivers state of the art video surveillance systems giving the required support for the years ahead.

Residential, urban control and huge public areas, industrial plants, building sites, parking, shops and shopping centres are some of the realities where A3 System is called to operate. Concerning video surveillance of the territory and huge areas, A3 System can work with municipalities appointed to develop technical specifications, and offer free inspections and support at the very beginning stage of the project.

Our systems are based on hardware and software usually designed and built in Italy, and comply to all the current laws especially to laws regarding privacy (D.Lgs. n. 196/2003 and General Statement on Video surveillance 29/04/2004).



  • Video surveillance for indoors, outdoors and big areas, using Analogic cameras, Over-IP, IP Megapixel and HD on coaxial. Wired, wireless, optic fibres or hybrid type of systems

  • Integrated video surveillance for automation systems for car parks and Controlled Traffic Zones with advanced software for number plate scanning

  • Video surveillance of territories

  • Video surveillance for areas and public spaces, based on video analysis from the latest generation, with “Intruder detecting system”, “Object added or removed scanning”, “People counting” and “Anti terrorism”

  • Detecting systems for external use with Human Detector and thermal cameras.