Villa L.A. Modern






Villa L.A. Modern
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An idea by Carlo Donati, L.A. Modern is a fascinating project of a detached Villa of about 500 Square Metres inside a what is a huge garden. “The architectural language recalls the modernist villas of Palm Springs using contemporary materials”.

The architectural “journey” of Carlo Donati is followed by the emotional travel of Filippo Cannata called to “paint” one of the most important aspects of this villa: the light.

A unique project, where A3 System was involved to give material birth to the dreams of two of the most important professionals in Italy, and of the customer, an enthusiast of technology at the service of simplicity.

Starting from lighting control, performed with Homeworks system by Lutron, brand leader in the world for lighting control. The management of such system has been planned by Filippo Cannata to harmonically bond the lights involved in creating simple scenarios which tell about the customer’s day life in the different environments of the house, transforming light and space to create appropriate situations for the time of the day. The complexity and intelligence of the system is revealed by the unique Keypads, minimal and extremely elegant, from which the owners with a simple click can bring to life many preset sceneries.


Lutron lighting control system manages ScreenLine® solar shielding integrated in the glass: al the blinds of the room are managed (at customer’s request) or single ones by striking a button on the Keypads or a virtual button on the owner’s devices (iPad, iPhone and Touch-Panels).

The potential and intelligence of Lutron’s system interacts perfectly with the entertainment system in the living room; with a simple pressure of a button that deals with CINEMA, lights fade out to a courtesy lighting at daylight and the blinds close. The Movie starts and the unique audio and video experience starts, thanks to an audio video system by Bang & Olufsen, perfectly integrated in the room’s architecture with a high resolution video distribution that allows to transfer FULL HD signals

- from sources such as SKY, BLU RAY, etc… - from a hidden technical room towards all the rooms / external areas equipped with a TV.

Finally for the entertainment system of the Villa, a very discrete complex audio multiroom system; every room is equipped with speakers hidden in the walls or invisible on the walls able to perform in a nice and uniformed way in the room with a quality that matches professional speakers.

For the same zero visual impact reason there are no Keypads on the walls: everything is controlled by mobile devices, iPads, iPhones and Touch-Panels. The sources are selected, the tunes, the favourite radio stations and in which part of the house they can be played. The volume can be decided through matrices and amplifiers hidden in the technical rooms using a survey and control system CRESTRON, main character of this perfect integration between systems. The graphics designed by A3 System’s programmers especially for the customers make the management of the systems of the Villa simple and intuitive, where a separate management of the systems would have complicated the daily routine. The surveying system, thanks to the special software created for iPad, iPhone and the classy Touch-Panels of the Villa, the owners can control the entire house and can interact with it through simple touches on the screens: LIGHTS, SCREENLINE, AUDIO, VIDEO, CLIMATE and SAFETY.

Speaking about the latter, A3 System has planned with attention this aspect: a unique system has been delivered able to offer a high level of personal security but at the same time with a low aesthetic impact, inside and outside. The safety system installed, featuring various technologies is finally managed by simple and quick gestures thanks to the expertise of A3 System’s programmers that were able to understand the customer’s needs delivering a unique solution with a perfect bond between technology, architecture and “emotions”.