Estate Corbinaia Florence






Estate Corbinaia Florence
residential  Receptive  
Luci   Integrazione   Sicurezza   Audio   Wi-Fi  
  • Type: Guest House and Manor
  • Customer: Tenuta Corbinaia
  • Location: Montespertoli (Firenze)
  • Project Management A3 System: Gabriele Galgani
  • Electric Designer Ethri Engineering: Pi. Fabrizio Bartali
  • Executive Manager: A3 System – Gabriele Galgani
  • Delivery: 2015

“Corbinaia is a place that describes life, life in the fields with their wines and excellent oils, the endless life of art. To celebrate such life the Rindi family chose to create a unique Villa. With a reckless architecture, that bonds the idea of a theatre stage with the guidelines of the buildings from the Renaissance, and the contemporary furniture – a triumph of elegance surrounded by the wonderful countryside of Tuscany, in the heart of Chianti”.

This is how the Rani family describes the place where A3 System staged the “Villa of wonders”.

This massive castle designed to guest few lucky couples for their most important day of their life. The building has 2 parks, prestigious halls and terraces facing the Chianti landscapes.

Although many different types of lights manage to colour the building, we have programmed and created a system that manages and enhances the environments.

When the sun sets, automatically a breathtaking scenario takes place where lights and shades create magical atmospheres.

All systems are managed with few simple buttons so that catering services and personnel can operate them with no problems.

A touch panel allows to fade in or out the lighting system to the desired intensity.

The audio system has been designed with a special attention. Inside the lounges the speakers are invisible, hidden in the ceilings with frescos.

The sound arrives from above and no source is visible as if the frescos are actually producing music. The guests surely attracted will appreciate the sound quality.

At the end of the event, when all the desires seem fulfilled the married couple will access what is called “the room of love”.

A bedroom in the highest tower of the castle, with glass and mirror walls, that allow a breathtaking 360° view of the Chianti hills, without being seen from the outside.

Unfortunately we cannot describe the features that A3 System placed inside it…