Private Villa in Tuscany






Private Villa in Tuscany
Clima   Umidità   Video Sorveglianza   Irrigazioni   Accessi   Luci   VMC   Integrazione   Sicurezza   Audio   Video   Home Cinema   Reti lan / wi-fi lan e networking avanzato   Wi-Fi  
  • Type: Private Home
  • Customer: Private
  • Location: Certaldo (Firenze)
  • Project Management A3 System: Gabriele Galgani
  • Electric Designer Ethri Engineering: Pi. Fabrizio Bartali
  • Executive Manager: A3 System – Gabriele Galgani
  • Delivery: 2014


It took two years to develop this structure that excited all the professionals that were involved and had the luck to participate to this project.

The customer had in mind how his house was going to be from the beginning and thanks to professionals he trusted the mission was accomplished, following personally step by step the work.

The house or better “the village” welcomes the visitor with a huge access that gives a sense of protection and safety to the estate. Once entered patios, gardens and parks are the surroundings of this environment. The first building is a small house, a hut, which used to be close to the Manor, that has been refurbished and is now a beautiful home that belongs to the daughter of the owner. Behind it, the main building, ideally nestled between the views of Certaldo Alto and the towers of San Gimignano. A lake completes what is more a painting than a work of architecture, a mirror for the mountains near Pistoia.

A magical setting that lives independently day and night thanks to the careful management that A3 System specifically created for the customer to control the pluming and the lighting system.

Thanks to a simple programming the watering system downloads the weather forecast and manages the different areas due to the amount of water needed. The system also detects the mm of rain dropped and can delay the artificial watering if the amount of rain is considered sufficient. The customer can always interact manually with the system through a touch screen with simplified graphics of the park deciding when to use the watering system.

Lighting also has a similar management automatic and intelligent. At sunset the patios and the gardens receive the appropriate amount of light. The system also detects people passing by improving the lighting along the path, in an extremely pleasant and welcoming scenario.

A particular attention, was given by A3 System to the safety system following the requests of the customer to create a safe area. We were allowed to use any type of technology we thought could satisfy the needs.

The entire area is unapproachable and all the people inside can spend their time in a relaxed condition.

This complex technology does not avoid simplicity managing it.

The gate opens as the car is recognised through a radio smartpass leaving time for the biometric scanners to confirm the identity.

Once the fingerprints have been verified the alarm is deactivated and the main entrance opens.

This happens without using remote controls or keys or pins. Simple and safe.

As the door opens, the lighting system awakes and cheers the guest with a welcoming environment, music plays from the ceiling thanks to invisible speakers placed in every room. A3 System designed the acoustic of every zone keeping every device invisible. Special speakers have been fixed on the ceilings and then skimmed to create a unique experience.

Obviously the heating system (heat pumps, air conditioning, air circulation, etc…) has been integrated with the system, with a simple and automatic management from the dedicated software page. Invisible probes have been placed in the environment instead of the traditional thermostats that usually control the system.

To change a temperature it will be sufficient to select the desired zone and select the required temperature. The system will do the rest.

The system is programmed for monitoring the consumption. The building’s ecological impact has been considered and its main source is natural power.

A3 System surveyed the consumption of all zones weekly, monthly and yearly.

Energy production is also monitored to control the functioning and the efficiency.

The video system all the management has been placed in a technical room where two racks host video matrices and other devices that distribute high definition signals where requested. With a simple gesture it is possible to view on tv, SKY, a Blu-ray, video contents stored in a server or the surveillance footages.

An area dedicated to relax and gaming completes the project, and with a simple gesture the rooms becomes a cinema.

A screen appears from nowhere, a projector is gently released from the ceiling and the 9 speakers hidden in the decorations start ruling.

A great teamwork effort was necessary to realise this project, along with the best artisan masters of the area that accepted this challenge.