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More information about A3 System.

  • Entirety: total integration. Systems, human resources, professionalism on working site, software. A3 System is capable to offer a complete service, including design and realization of complex systems, technology integration, the integration of the required skills, integration of the team of professionals to deal with the working site regarding special systems, integrated systems, house automation and automation systems.


  • Intelligence: A3 System studies the required solutions to integrate technique, aesthetic and value in every scenario. During the design or realization process of a system, importance is given to intelligent decisions, solutions must be optimal on a technical level (efficiency, reliability, lasting, safety, etc.), on an aesthetical level (materials, details, finishing, etc.) and for a commercial level (relation solution-investment).


  • Updating: innovations and updates in the market of house automation are constantly monitored to suggest solutions and tools always ahead. Attention is given to everything new that the market offers, quality performances and technical improvements. A3 System can operate as a filter selecting with care, between the specific market of systems and the designer, architect or other professionals involved in the project.


  • Technology quality: A3 System uses only components of high quality to guarantee the best performances and characteristics. The brands represented are at the top of the international business rankings for efficiency, safety and lasting offering a reliability difficult to match by other brands.


  • Experience: our staff and external partners have been selected in the years by the results and the expertise proven on the field. A3 System through the years has formed a group of professionals, specialized, reliable with the required skills to deliver innovative solutions for integration and house automation, effective and technically valid.


  • Continuity: the stability and growth of our company guarantee a complete and lasting service. A3 System offers a helpful, qualified and flexible support, careful to the customer’s needs also when the system has been delivered. Fast replies to enquiries, timely interventions and facilities suitable to give a remote support through appropriate technologies.