Audio Video





Power to emotions

It is possible to make a unique audio video system thanks to the ability to manage the emotional power of sound and image – natural qualities of an audio video system – but also possible thanks to mastering dynamics transformation. House automation planning defines space, the system becomes a transitional element and not a static totem. Components can be invisible or disguised, hidden into furniture or in walls or ceilings. With a gesture the system can be activated. The environment is now alive, music in the background but it’s impossible to find the source. Where are the speakers? A wall silently slides to reveal a wide monitor that wasn’t there before, a fire place transforms and shows speakers and a screen for a projector as a part of the ceiling lowers to finally reveal the projector at the appropriate height. Lights fade down: the room is now a Home Cinema and the movie starts. The feeling is of a unique listening and visual experience.

Whether it’s an high fidelity audio system or a high level home theatre or a home cinema that combines home theatre to video streaming in a unique and elegant solution or a more complex situation with other special systems (light control, heating, automations), whether it’s house automation or a business environment such as a conference all, the secrets is always in the power of impression, emotion and make a space unique. If you are already with your mind in the future, A3 System can make it happen.