Andrea Bodo Sensory Room






Andrea Bodo Sensory Room
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Category : Sensoriality
Customer : Socio-Health-Associations
Location : Vercelli
Design Idea, Concept and Construction Management :  DUITFOR - www.duitfor.com
Project Management A3 System : Andrea Campinoti
Delivery : 2017

An autism-friendly environment designed to be entirely tailored according to users’ sensory preferences. When you enter in the room you can build yourself a relaxing and motivating environment. You can choose lights’ colours and intensity, the type of music, equalisation and volume, pictures and videos to project. In the room you can play with a rotating platform, a hanging chair, the tactile stimulation of the music on a vibrating platform and Blandito multifunctional carpet. Two niches in the curved wall provide also the opportunity to be involved in a personal sensory experience that stimulates all the five senses.

(Credits : web site DUITFOR  www.duitfor.com)