Lights control





Light is everything

Light creates atmospheres and emotions, it draws shapes and drives attention, it separates or bonds spaces, it allows or denies actions.
Light control means power on light effects and distribution through a central system that manages personalized settings and allows new ones.


Aesthetically speaking light design uses light to blend spaces and lights control permits to change their order and allows the light designer to dynamically manipulate the space.
For each environment, according to the type of day and to the presence of guests, atmosphere can change by pressing a single button on a classy keypad on the wall – or with your smartphone – or to a person moving by: the entire light system transforms delivering a different space for a different life.

On a practical aspect, for commercial or industrial use, light control focuses on energy efficiency and on the possibility to adapt lighting systems to particular working needs.


A lighting system for shops with a simple gesture (or automatically through an astronomical clock or a pre-schedule timing) the entire environment can be organized to match the different needs of the working phases, optimizing consumption, favouring thematic lighting scenarios.
An industrial lighting system could activate o deactivate lights not in use in certain sectors, thanks to motion sensors or through a programmed cut off based on a schedule. The system could manage intensity through lighting sensors to avoid waste of energy.

There is not a rule to follow: every environment has its needs and it is always possible to create the most suitable light control system for it. Speaking for house automation, about integrations of different systems, light control is at the centre of house automation and for working environments organized with innovative functionalities. Light effects overlap and chase the sound, the moving space, different heats and audio – video systems. All is possible.