Forte Dei Marmi private villa






Forte Dei Marmi private villa
Clima   Umidità   Video Sorveglianza   Irrigazioni   Luci   VMC   Integrazione   Sicurezza   Audio   Video   Reti lan / wi-fi lan e networking avanzato   Wi-Fi  
  • Type: Private Home
  • Customer: Private
  • Location: Forte dei Marmi (LU)
  • Project Management A3 System: Gabriele Galgani
  • Architect: Carla Cadario
  • Electric Designer Ethri Engineering: Pi. Fabrizio Bartali
  • Executive Manager: A3 System – Gabriele Galgani
  • Delivery: 2015

Along the promenade of Fore de Marmi, a prestigious family from Florence decides to refurbish and enlarge an historical Villa that in the past belonged to Cav. Piero Calamandrei.

The work for A3 System was to provide all the technological comforts that one can desire, but keeping them simple: lighting, climate, audio-video, safety video surveillance, motorized blinds and mosquito nets, etc…

The building is on three levels with 9 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, loundges, external areas and a zone to host servants.

From the higher floors the view of the coast is wonderful and the park of the Villa leads you to the seashore.

Architect Carla Cadario furnished along with the owners, this magnificent Villa with prestigious pieces of furniture. The style of the “forties”, chosen perfectly, bonds with modern technology that enhances the artworks and decorations, clothing them under an appropriate lighting.

Elegant silkscreen printed Keypads help the lucky guests that will spend their time at the Villa managing the systems. By simply pressing the “music” button your favourite tune can be played in the bathroom or in one of the lounges, the fireplace can be lit by pressing the dedicated key.

If you want to enjoy the sea view with the appropriate button the Griesser and the mosquito nets automatically open.

The most challenging task was to simplify to the limit all the functions and the management of the systems, so that every guest and not only the owners could appreciate the features of the Villa, thanks to customised and intuitive graphics.

Another very important aspect was the remote monitoring of all the systems considering that the owners spend only short periods at the Villa.

A remote managing was programmed of all the systems to constantly monitor the status of the services. It is also possible to manage the comfort of the environment so that the perfect climate can be found once one arrives there from the city.

On each floor an elegant touch panel allows to manage all the systems and works also as a screen where to check the entrances and gates through the surveillance cameras.

Ringing the doorbell activates the cameras and it is possible to communicate with whoever is looking for us. If you are not in the Villa the ringing at the doorbell becomes a call during which it is possible to interact with the person in front of the house.

It is also possible to create a Log of who rang at the doorbell. The system sends a photo via e-mail every time the doorbell is pressed, so the owners know when and who has been looking for them.

The three touch panels can also be used as intercom between the floors and to communicate with the servants.

A great teamwork effort has been carried out in one of the lounges where we installed in a marble wall, over a fireplace, a mirror TV, which comes to life only when activated, while on stand-by it reflects the beauty that surrounds it.

The work for A3 System in this environment has been exciting and demanding. The owners allowed us to realise all we had in mind, and this trust by the owners is our most satisfying feedback.