House automation planning





A good project is already half work completed.

This is why house automation planning is the natural beginning for special systems integrations. To integrate means to deliver a unique and centralized system to make compatible and synchronised audio-video systems, light control system, heating system, safety system and any other system or device that will give comfort in a home or efficiency in a commercial or industrial environment.

We can work well while projects are being realised or in their final stage, we can work on already existent systems but obviously the best results can be obtained when A3 System expertise has been requested at the very beginning of the project. Usually a successful project is one where the opinion of an expert in this particular field has been requested. In house automation, many are accustomed to the final results ignoring the difficulties that are hidden behind them.



House automation planning is science of integration. Planning integrations and house automation systems requires experience and expertise in the field that support and complete those belonging to the designers. Knowing the right questions to understand customer’s needs, delivering the appropriate system without useless elements still giving importance to details, knowing technical characteristics and compatibility issues, knowing the software and being able to realise easy to use systems, efficient, reliable and safe. When it’s possible to use our skills from the planning, it’s the best way to deliver high level house automation systems.

The most satisfying part for a designer of house automation and integration systems is to improve people’s lives through intelligent technology used in the easiest way possible and watching their surprise as they are using them.