Caravel Pelli Pregiate Spa






Caravel Pelli Pregiate Spa
commercial  industrial  
Clima   Luci  
  • Type: Commercial
  • Location: Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa)
  • Project Management A3 System: Andrea Campinoti
  • Delivery: 2012
  • Press: deepening

The challenge started a few years ago, to create one of the first systems in the world, in an industrial environment, able to satisfy many needs related to the lighting system: first of all having in mind people’s wellness followed by environment protection and energy saving.

Caravel Spa, one of the most important tanneries of the world, part of the international Group KERING, owner of brands such as GUCCI, SAINT LAURENT, BALENCIAGA, CHRISTOPHER KANE and others, asks A3 System to join in what will be a fascinating journey as managers in which we can highlight two important and delicate stages:

the first one with A3 System suggesting a first idea, which in part satisfied the customer’s needs but couldn’t give a satisfying Pay-Back in terms of the investment; the second stage is when the project was brought to “life” and “shape”, with a stronger investment but with a faster Pay-Back target.

 The final project in detail has two main working phases:
to substitute the existing fluorescence lighting systems of the entire production line with new and high quality LED systems; this allowed the company two important improvements in terms of energy saving and worker’s wellness.

 The lighting improvements were paired with home automation technology, one of the most advanced Lighting Control Systems: QUANTUM by LUTRON.

 Lutron, a brand leader in United States and in the World for lighting managing and control, was born in 1961 with the revolutionary invention of the first solid state dimmer; today it is a brand with a worldwide presence, a landmark for the best lighting designers in the world and operating the lighting systems of important buildings such as The New York Times, The Empire State Building, Saint Pauls Cathedral in London, Emporio Armani all over the world, the American Embassy in Japan, the National Theatre in London, the Ministry of Defence in Berlin, The White House in Washington, The Alexandrian Library in Egypt, The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and so on. 

The system allows to automatically control the amount of natural light inside the building and to manage the system in relation to the presence of people, using special presence and lighting sensors managed by two processors integrated each other that manage the entire production facility.

The system is able to modify the amount of light of the LED lights from a 10% when nobody is working (what is considered a courtesy lighting), to a 30-50-70% (or higher but still never 100%) when the environment is occupied always in relation with the amount of natural light. The changes are always gradual, impossible to be seen by the human eyes, as for the lighting up of a working place that is never shocking but always smooth and gradual.

All this allows, obviously, to combine the energy saving of the new LED lights to an intelligent and performing management of the system. 

Finally but not less important, the system thanks to the gradual variations between on and off and the correct balance of the use of light, improves the wellness of the people that interact with the environment and helps them in terms of eye fatigue.