protect the people

To protect our properties is important, but it is more important to defend people.
The objective of A3 System is to design an anti-intrusion system safe and simple, managed by the touch of a single button.

A3 System offers intelligent anti-intrusion systems which protect your home without disturbing when you are inside and when nobody is there since the system is able to detect your presence.

The system is totally editable. Through the control interface the system can be activated totally or in part with pre scheduled combinations of windows, blinds, doors and any type of opening. The owner’s duty is reduced to interacting with a single button.
Inside there is the possibility to focus on your belongings with infrared or microwave movement sensors automatically activated by the intelligent system.
Sound alerts (external and internal self protecting alarms), visual alerts(flashing lights in the garden, etc…) and telephone alerts add perfection to an anti-intrusion system.

The system can be built in a wired mode, totally wireless or “hybrid”, wireless / wired.



There are many solutions when speaking about anti-intrusion systems depending on the place. Solutions walk along with the risk that threatens the environment to protect. Without letting behind the needs of everyday life of the customer. An “alternative” or “supplementary” integrated system focused on the outside can be introduced to complete the security system.
Sisma CP for example is a new and innovative perimetric anti-intrusion system interred which creates an invisible sensor beam around the site to protect. Sisma CP uses special geoseismic detectors, DEA SAFETY patented, able to detect pressure waves generated by footsteps in any surface, grass, gravel, tarmac or self-locking floors.
The sensors operate at 60 cm of depth, in a controlled environment, sheltered from the weather and fully friendly with gardening activities. The signals from the sensors are amplified and processed by advanced electronic boards able to recognize types of intrusions and to discharge the ordinary ones.
The digital memory of the system stores all the registered events giving details on the sources. The accurate choice of materials, the innovative technology of the sensors and the performances of the electrical boards allow the SISMA CP a reliable and continuous functioning through time.