Commitment and perspectives





A3 System's main task is to create what seems impossible

integration and home automation which stand ahead, tailored and unique since every house environments is unique and represents the owner’s identity. Our objective is to enhance the potential of space as an emotional and functional element, to control the entire system with a gesture.

The perspective view of A3 System is based on professionals. Develop a team to face more exciting challenges. To invest in human resources means to acquire new expertise to carry out integrations that are always more committing. The development of personnel, the improvement of our professionalisms and of the network of partners is the key to be dynamic and always updated.

In a perspective view, the development of technology assumes a growth of the tools offered in the field of special systems and home automation. This implies that the integration of systems is far more difficult and complex. For the future we expect more articulated and various systems able to perform more evolved operations. House automation and automation systems’ design will need the ability to control in an effective way the global situation, all the components, and this depends on the knowledge of the models offered and the technical features of the systems. To be able to deal with all the professionals involved in such projects and coordinate their efforts for the final result is also important.